The importance of nondestructive testing for amusement facilities


Amusement facilities, whether in the manufacturing process or in the process of installation and use, may have different degrees of quality and safety problems, such as geometric quality deviation of key components, nonstandard installation procedures, wear variation, nonstandard operation, etc., which may cause quality problems or defects. If these problems or defects are not detected in time, they may cause huge safety accidents. However, sometimes the quality defects of entertainment facilities are usually hidden, such as welds, bearings, hangers and other parts. If there are cracks and wear defects inside, they can't be detected by naked eyes. At this time, nondestructive testing is very important.

The advantage of non-destructive testing is that it can make use of the changes of sound, light, point, magnetic, thermal and other reactions caused by the internal defects or abnormal phenomena of materials without damaging or affecting the quality or performance of the tested object. With the help of professional equipment and technology, the surface or internal structure, property, state and defect type, property, quantity and shape of amusement device components can be analyzed The method of inspection and test for the position, size, distribution and their changes. So to sum up, nondestructive testing is very necessary for the quality and safety management of amusement facilities, and it is of great significance for the investigation of safety hazards and the avoidance of safety accidents.