Non destructive testing method of amusement facilities: visual testing


According to the standard: GB / T 34370.2-2017 non destructive testing of amusement facilities Part 2: visual testing;

Testing method: visual testing is the most intuitive testing method and the first step of almost all nondestructive testing. For the common external cracks, damages, wear, deformation, corrosion and other macro losses of amusement facilities, it can be found immediately through visual inspection. For some abnormal parts matching, traces of equipment overheating and leakage, and macro defects of weld, we can also have a certain degree of understanding through visual inspection. Visual inspection methods include direct visual inspection, indirect visual inspection and transparent visual inspection. Direct visual inspection is to observe with naked eyes; indirect visual inspection is to detect with visual aids such as mirrors, telescopes, endoscopes and cameras; transparent visual inspection is to detect the interior of transparent and translucent materials.