What Problems Should Be Paid Attention To When Playing In The Indoor Playground?


Attention should be paid when playing in the indoor playground:

(1) The amusement area should pay attention to the warning signs, so that the parents of customers should carefully read the tourist instructions, understand the range of the amusement facilities, whether the rides are suitable for their physical conditions, and the age or the requirements of the facilities for patients with certain diseases to choose suitable for themselves Rides.

(2) When using indoor playground equipment, the indoor playground is generally used by children aged 2-9 years old, and the height of the child should be under 1.3m. For those children under 6 years old, enter the indoor playground. When playing, you must have a guardian to accompany you to enter and play inside. Of course, when parents enter the naughty castle, please do not bring some harmful items privately, so as to avoid accidentally scratching themselves or other children during the game.

(3) Before entering the indoor playground, children should take off their shoes and store them in the shoe cabinet. The items they carry with them should also be placed in the lockers to maintain the hygiene and safety of the indoor playground.

(4) In the overall design of the indoor playground product itself, there must be no sharp objects, hard objects, etc. where you can see and touch, otherwise it is easy to cause harm to children.

(5) When entering the indoor amusement park, it is forbidden to damage the amusement facilities. You cannot open the back cover, seat cushion cover, touch the power supply, wiring, etc., otherwise, it will cause an accident and you will be at your own risk.

(6) The protective net on the periphery of the indoor playground plays a protective role, so children are prohibited from climbing and pulling the protective net forcefully when playing in the indoor playground.

(7) When riding on rotating and rolling amusement devices, you need to take good care of easily falling items such as glasses, so as not to fall, causing personal injury or equipment failure.