Nine Essential Tasks for Children's Indoor Playground Before Opening!


If investors need to open a children's indoor playground, they should also do all the preparations before the opening to make the opening ceremony more perfect. Now, our operation teacher will share with you the nine essential tasks of the children's indoor playground before it opens!


1. Various gifts for the opening ceremony

Prepare all kinds of gifts for the opening ceremony, including all kinds of novel toys, cake drinks, school supplies, cartoon dolls and so on.

2. Promotion of opening celebration activities

The promotion of the opening celebration activities of the children's indoor playground includes online news media promotion, network media communication and offline children's related venues.

If it is a local event, it can be promoted online through local self-media platforms, local forums, etc., and offline can be spread in kindergartens, parks, and places where children gather.

Through the coverage of multiple platforms, more people can see the activity information of the children's indoor playground opening. Of course, it can also be equipped with some rewards, so as to drive more people to promote the circle of friends. The opening celebrations are attractive and the guests will naturally be more.

3. Improve the skills of all staff

Improving the skills of all employees is of great significance. Excellent employees are a booster for the development of children's indoor playgrounds. New employees need to be well trained, coach them to do their job well, understand various matters of the children's indoor playground, be familiar with the publicity and procedures of the opening ceremony, and entertain every guest well.

Cultivate them to have the awareness of being the masters of children's indoor playgrounds, prevent emergencies such as safety, and help them grow up better and transform from outstanding employees to outstanding employees.

Fourth, the management of the membership system

The membership system of the children's indoor playground needs to be installed and debugged on site. It is much easier and simpler when you apply for membership cards. The management of various package cards, small tickets and receipts, the setting of employee permissions, and other needs to be noted Matters.

5. Arrangement of on-site activities

The arrangement of the on-site activities: preparation for the ribbon-cutting ceremony, decoration of the children’s playground, placement of celebration flower baskets, bedding of activity carpets, etc.; in the office, set up the company’s cultural logo, precautions for the children’s playground, checkout counters, and fire-fighting facilities The arrangement of on-site personnel, including seats for guests, performances by the dragon and lion group, and a welcome ceremony for parents and children.

Six, sound and monitoring debugging

Children's indoor playgrounds need to do a good job of sound and monitoring adjustments, so that the sound and monitoring can better cover the whole venue and help parents and children. The monitoring is done to avoid disputes and financial risks of children's loss, which is also a must for children's indoor playgrounds.

Seven, the production of office forms

During the normal operation of the children's indoor playground, various forms and records are required, including the gift shipment list, membership card registration information form, on-site financial statements, and employee work schedules.

8. Relevant certificates of business qualification

According to the needs of the local department, apply for and verify the business certificates required by the indoor children's amusement park, such as the business license.

9.other needed items

Prepare the office supplies needed for the children’s indoor playground: folders, notepads, ballpoint pens, scissors, etc.; cleaning supplies: brooms, mops, towels, etc.; fire supplies: fire extinguishers, emergency lights.


In order to create a good brand image of children's indoor playground, the content introduced above must be prepared in advance. Everything is difficult at the beginning. As long as we do all the preparations in the early stage, then our children's indoor playground will be more smoothly developed. , I believe that our investment projects will be profitable.