Sand Pond Indoor Playground


Introduction of sand pond indoor playground:


Why do children like sand so much? Since there is no fixed way to play in the sand, children can develop their full potential and make them more free and relaxed. It is variable and easy to master. Endless forms of sand and endless ways of play fundamentally satisfy and develop children's inner needs and creativity. Sand pool games can develop perception, practice hand assistance, promote hand muscle development, develop creativity, obtain emotional satisfaction, enhance the ability to recognize spatial relationships, and it is also an interactive game that enhances parent-child relationships.




Note for sand pond indoor playground:


1. Parents should take care of their children and avoid sand (cassia seeds) from entering the eyes, mouth, nose, ears, etc.


2. Please pay attention to safety and do not step on others when playing.


3. Don't push or pull. Splash with sand and chase each other.


4. If an accident occurs during the game, please stop using it and report to the staff.