Trampoline Park


Introduction of trampoline park:

Trampoline is no longer a competitive sport that can only be watched in front of the TV. Now with the trend of trampoline sports, trampoline fever is developing rapidly. Trampoline is a competitive sport in which athletes use the bounce from trampoline to show acrobatic skills. Trampoline movements are characterized by high movements, rhythmic connections and changes between movements. It can give full play to and cultivate children's jumping ability and exercise graceful posture. It has a strong sense of participation and a high degree of intelligence, which is deeply loved by the majority of children.



Notes for trampoline park:

1. Please don't push or pull each other in the trampoline, and don't climb the guard net and steel frame.

2. When playing in the trampoline, please pay attention to safety and do not step on others.

3. When bouncing in the trampoline, only the vertical bouncing method with the feet landing is allowed, and the head or other body parts are not allowed to bounce on the trampoline.

4. If the trampoline is divided into an adult area and a toddler area, the trampoline in the toddler area only allows children to use it, and adults are not allowed to bounce inside.

5. If a malfunction occurs during play, please stop using it and report the situation to the staff.