Children's Indoor Amusement Park Guests How to Achieve Fission, So That Children's Indoor Amusement Park Full!


Now is the era of win-win cooperation, unity and warmth, single-handedly entering the world has become a history, it is more difficult to do a big business purely by individuals, it is also difficult to develop and grow, for the development of the children's park, but also can not be separated from the majority of guests positive cooperation and word of mouth, development, easy to do full.


If children's indoor playground through the fission of guests to achieve more guests to join, then, the fission speed is very fast, helps the operator of children's indoor playground to save a lot of advertising costs, but also easier to produce economic benefits.


Children's indoor amusement park guests how to achieve fission, so that children's indoor amusement park full! The core point of fission is to think what guests want and do what guests want. The first torrent users offered them enough benefits so that they would be more willing to invite more people to the indoor playground, thus creating a virtuous circle of more and more customers.


Parents take their children to indoor playgrounds in the hope that their children will have more fun and contribute to their healthy growth. In the process of playing with other children to promote the cultivation of social skills, in group activities, pay attention to the spirit of team fighting.


Children's indoor amusement park is set up for children, if they can attract more children children's indoor amusement park to play inside, can children and parents a visit, parents can play and parents together, also can achieve word-of-mouth, such activities are particularly attractive and interesting, also is a kind of advantage of fission. 

Now, let's take a look at some of the activities that can create the fission effect that you want to see.


I. Regularly hold parent-child interaction activities


Love to play is the nature of children, then, we need to seize the nature of children to do activities, so that they can have a sense of belonging for children's indoor playground?


Through children's indoor amusement park, parent-child interaction activities regularly, drives the parents and the children indoor playground for children has the effect of viscosity, can be a member of the birthday party every month, prize question and answer activity, children's toys lottery activity, appetite for these activities to meet the parents and children, pull close the distance to each other. Children's indoor playground staff can also let parents send more friends to the scene of the activity, to achieve the purpose of high thumb up rate, forwarding rate and interaction, which is helpful for the fission of parents in the later stage.


Second, free admission of preferential activities


There are a certain number of tickets for children's indoor amusement park, but some free activities can also be done moderately to drive the popularity of children's indoor amusement park.


If the member of the children's indoor playground brings other parents and children to play, the member as the referrer can play for free once, which can well mobilize the enthusiasm of the members to do activities. The irregular distribution of some coupons to help parents save some expenses, but also contribute to the growth of children's indoor playgrounds,


3. Value-added services for children's indoor playgrounds


Children's indoor playground can provide more additional value-added services, through these value-added services, you can do to move the guests, moved themselves. Provide free direct drinking every day, fresh fruit, fruit juice drinks, every day of the top ten children to the scene to play children indoor playground helium balloons can be given to two, in the rest area to set up the massage chair, let parents can have a good rest, do not regularly updated some entertainment equipment, let the children indoor playground for children has more novelty.




If the operators of children's indoor amusement park do the above activities well, the precipitation of the guests will naturally be much more, and it is easy to achieve the fission-splitting of the guests, so that the brand is more influential.