Functions and Precautions of Coconut Turntable Indoor Playground Electric Equipment


Coconut turntable indoor playground electric equipment



Exercise children's coordination, balance, and the ability and courage to overcome difficulties, and cultivate cooperation and mutual help.


1. A ball position can only be played by one person, and multiple people cannot play at the same time

2. Can not pull the coconut ball in reverse or artificially accelerate

3. The child holds the coconut ball with both legs and Hold the derrick with both hands

4. Standing on the chassis of the turntable is not allowed, and the viewing needs to be 50 cm outside the coconut ball rotation range

5. It is forbidden to climb equipment or jump directly to the ground

6. This device is only suitable for children 3-8 years old (under 130 cm) (children under 3 years old, parents please take care of them)

Care and maintenance:

1. Add lubricating oil to rotating parts regularly to reduce wear and increase product life

2. If you find that the coconut tree head is loose, you need to stop the machine for inspection in time, adjust the nut to tighten, to avoid loosening or damage to the parts to ensure safe play.

3. The appearance of leather is damaged or the zipper is out of joint and needs to be dealt with immediately to prevent the damage from expanding.