The First Day of Returning to Work in 2021


Firecrackers ring, gold ten thousand liang

Work starts, the bull is high

2021 Guangzhou High Hip-Hop Amusement Equipment Co.,Ltd. wish new and old customers colleagues business prosperity, all the best.





The Spring Festival, also known as the Lunar New Year, is the most important traditional festival in China, which falls on in late January or early February.
The historical reason for beginning the new year in such a time is that it is the time between autumn harvest and spring plowing and planning. In another words, it is the time for rest, relaxation and celebration after a year’s toil. Except this practical reason for celebrating the Spring Festival, a popular Chinese legend offers another explanation, which is affectedly known in China. In ancient time, a mythological demon called” Nian” that lived under the sea would plague people once a year on the even of the new year. It jumped out from the sea, attacked villages, devouring people, animals and plants. Could no longer bear Nian’s brutal persecution, the villagers gathered to discuss how to deal with” Nian” and some people suggested that the demon was afraid of loud noises, red color and flame. So people lighted firecrackers, put on red couplets on their gates, lit firework and beat gongs and drums to drive Nian away. The idea worked and Nian ran away. Since ever, the custom and tradition of celebrating the Spring Festival born and the practice of putting red couplets on gates, setting off firecrackers.