Functions and Precautions of Horse Turntable Indoor Playground Electric Equipment


Horse turntable indoor playground electric equipment



Help children to concentrate and maintain body balance.


1. The child sits on the back of the animal with both hands firmly seated

2. It is strictly forbidden to bring sharp objects on the machine to prevent the surface from scratching

3. It is forbidden to stand up and fight on the rotating turntable

4. Only one person can sit in each position and stepping is prohibited

5. For viewing, please be 50 cm away from the rotation range of the device

6. This equipment is only suitable for children 3-8 years old (under 130 cm) (under 3 years old, parents please take care of them)

Maintenance and repair:

1. Add lubricating oil to rotating parts regularly to reduce wear and improve product life. Check the gears when there is a strange sound. Whether the chain and spring are lubricated.

2. Check whether the device is moving every day. If there is any movement, it needs to be moved back to the original position. Note: After the equipment is moved, it is easy to scratch the wires under the floor mat.

3. The rotation is not stable, the noise is loud, and it stops when it rotates. Turn the turntable upside down to adjust the nut between the belt and the gear.

4. Regularly check whether the turntable has abnormal vibration, and check whether the wheels are broken. Check the condition of the wheels once a month, if any damage is found, replace them in time, otherwise other parts will be damaged.

5. The appearance of leather is damaged or the zipper is out of joint and needs to be dealt with immediately to prevent the damage from expanding.