The Function of Waterbed Indoor Playground Equipment


Waterbed indoor playground equipment


Function: Cultivate children's hand-foot coordination ability, encourage children to use their imagination, imitate various water-playing creatures, and experience the fun of water-playing



1. No more than 3 people can play at the same time each time

2. It is strictly forbidden to bring sharp objects on the equipment to prevent the surface from scratching and leaking water

3. It is forbidden to jump on the waterbed protection board

4. This device is only suitable for children 3-8 years old (under 130 cm) (children under 3 years old, please take care of them)


Care and maintenance:

1. Pay attention to keeping the equipment clean. Any hard objects on the bed surface should be cleaned up immediately.

2. According to water quality. Change the water regularly. If any water leakage is found, immediately disconnect the power supply of the light strip, and call us after taking some simple water absorption measures.

3. The appearance of the leather is damaged and needs to be dealt with immediately to prevent the damage from spreading.