What are the precautions for playing on indoor playground equipment?


In every city, you will see the existence of indoor playgrounds. Colorful indoor playground equipment and various game equipment will bring great joy to children. Watching children enjoy themselves in the indoor playground Games, this makes many parents very happy, and many indoor playgrounds are semi-enclosed space management, so parents are more assured, they will just wait on the side. However, the indoor playground has a certain degree of randomness. In order to ensure that children's games are safer, there are still certain precautions.

So, what should you pay attention to when playing in the indoor playground? Next, let Guangzhou High Hip-Hop Amusement Equipment Co.,Ltd. take us to take a look.

First, maintain hygiene and do not carry debris

Children should take off their shoes before entering the indoor playground, because the indoor playground is mostly made of plastic and other materials, and the relevant service staff will clean, wipe and disinfect every day. If you enter the indoor playground with shoes , It is easy to bring bacteria into the indoor playground equipment, which will have a certain impact on the health and hygiene of children. In addition, before entering the indoor playground, it is not allowed to carry sundries, especially items with sharp and sharp angles, which can easily cause certain safety hazards to children who are playing and exercising. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain hygiene in the indoor playground and do not carry debris.

Second, the problem of height restriction

In the operating restrictions of indoor playgrounds, there are certain restrictions on children's height and weight. Generally speaking, indoor playgrounds are only for children aged 2-8, and the height limit is 1.3 meters or less. If children under the age of 6 enter the naughty castle to play, they must be accompanied by a guardian to be allowed to enter.

Third, the prohibition of touching requirements

For the normal operation of some game equipment, there will be certain circuits and power supplies in the indoor playground, and these components have certain safety risks for children. However, children’s curiosity is very large, and they will have a certain sense of curiosity to touch some of these hidden parts. Therefore, parents must take good care of their children and do not touch the prohibited parts at will.

Through the above introduction of Guangzhou High Hip-Hop Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd., I believe that everyone has enough knowledge and understanding of the matters needing attention when playing in indoor playground equipment.