Ten methods for maintenance of children's playground equipment


1. Ninety-nine percent of indoor playground equipment has a software appearance, which is easy to be damaged and injured. While doing business work well, all the clerk has an important responsibility: protect the equipment!

2. Indoor playground equipment is designed for children aged 0-6, and the load-bearing capacity of the equipment is also customized relative to that of children. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden for other people over the age of 0-6 to play, otherwise it may damage the equipment or even cause an accident !

3. Safe play is the first requirement of indoor playground products. Therefore, low-speed operation, simple structure, and software coating are the characteristics of the product itself, which may reduce the excitement and complexity of the equipment during play. Even so, please Don't use external force to boost rotation and try to artificially stimulate, all kinds of equipment will operate harmoniously within the scope of design!

4. Technicians must insist on internal observation and inspection of the equipment every day, and deal with abnormalities in time, and timely lubricate the lubricating parts in order to maintain the long-term operation of the equipment.

5. If you find that the equipment is running abnormally, please turn off the power supply in time for careful inspection, find out the cause, and continue working after troubleshooting. Do not let the equipment run with failure!

indoor playground equipment

6. When the equipment suddenly stops running, it is usually caused by the overheating of the machine body, or automatic protection when the load exceeds the limit. It is very rare that the mechanical transmission and structure are malfunctioning. The indoor playground equipment should first check the circuit at this time. When confirming the circuit After it is normal, check the body next, find out the direct cause of the shutdown by observing, sniffing, touching, turning, etc., and restart it after troubleshooting. Do not directly connect the protection switch inside the body.

7. Pay special attention to the inspection of the air inlet of the fan to prevent it from being blocked. If you find paper scraps, broken balloons, etc. in the venue, you must immediately pick it up.

8. When it is found that the nails have been torn off, the internal area is revealed, or the appearance is artificially damaged, they should be restored in time, covered in time, and repaired in time.

9. Minor problems are discovered in time, minor faults are rectified in time, the screws of the transmission part are easy to loose, the parts of the rotating parts are easy to wear, and the belts, friction wheels and other consumable parts need to be replaced periodically. The inspection can be found, the discovery can be solved, and the solution can be normal.

10. These indoor playground equipment need to be operated at full capacity every day. Like cars running on the road, they need maintenance, and people need rest. There is no simple thing in the world, no casual success, and self-preservation is done. Good, the benefits will be steadily high!