Four ways to formulate tickets for kids indoor playgrounds! (Prequel)


1. The local economic development and consumption tolerance

The pricing of children's indoor playgrounds needs to refer to the local economic development and the consumption capacity of the surrounding people, and the pricing cannot be blindly set. It is necessary to distinguish the level of the city, whether it is an important commercial place or a more remote place, and the surrounding price levels can be used as a reference.


During the operation of the children’s indoor playground, you can also optimize and adjust the price, which will have a more positive effect on consumers’ psychology and more in line with everyone’s wishes. It will contribute to the operation of the children’s indoor playground and achieve profitability at the same time. It also makes the guests feel very satisfied and very affordable.


The price of children's indoor playground tickets is not arbitrarily guessed, but is more determined through playground equipment, marketing channels, and consumer recognition.

Four ways to formulate tickets for kids indoor playgrounds! (Prequel)

2. Compare prices in the same industry


Everyone in the children’s indoor playground business also needs to pay attention to how competitors in the same industry conduct activities, learn more about their activity information, ticket quotations, product positioning, and better pricing of tickets. This is especially meaningful for the project of children's indoor playground.


If there are fewer competitors in the same industry, the price can be increased, and we can strive to make high-quality indoor playground products for children, and we can also provide more value-added services. In this way, for the guests, the experience will be better and the consumption will be better. More willing.

Four ways to formulate tickets for kids indoor playgrounds! (Prequel)