What materials are used for the playground floor?


The variety of materials used in the playground floor is relatively rich, and materials can be flexibly selected and matched according to different use scenarios and different functional requirements. But there are two basic requirements that must be considered as a prerequisite-safety and environmental protection. In other words, these two points must be guaranteed for ground materials, otherwise the quality inspection of playground environmental standards will not pass.

According to the functional requirements and usage scenarios, the ground of the amusement park can be roughly divided into several areas: aisle area, functional area, decoration area, etc. The most common ground scene materials can be roughly divided into the following types:
1. Artificial turf
Whether used as a functional area or a decorative area, artificial turf is the best choice for school playgrounds, playgrounds, children's parks and other venues. It replaces non-environmental rubber flooring (rubber flooring made of old tire particles as raw materials). Artificial turf is perennial green in color, and the decorative effect is lively and lively; in terms of maintenance, daily maintenance is simple and does not require excessive maintenance, just pay attention to tidying, easy to step on, and the overall maintenance cost is relatively low.
The use of artificial turf around the outdoor aisle area is a good choice from an aesthetic and practical point of view, and it is also very good for cost control.
2. Plastic floor
EPDM plastic floor should be the most commonly used material for outdoor children's playgrounds. It is non-slip and silent, with high friction coefficient and moderate elasticity. It can also prevent children from falling and being injured. It is safe and comfortable to run and jump on the floor. Rich in color, easy to mosaic, simple construction process, short construction period, soft ground, personalized support and design. It has good anti-aging properties, can maintain bright colors for a long time, and has a long life. It is also an indispensable ground for customized theme parks.
3. Suspended assembled floor
The floor material used for outdoor activities has better drainage. The suspension structure design is made of ecological, non-toxic, tasteless, waterproof and moisture-proof polypropylene (PP) material, does not parasitic bacteria, is ecological and environmentally friendly, and the structure is simple to install. The floor has the characteristics of anti-ultraviolet radiation, anti-oxidation and cold resistance. The product has the advantages of pressure resistance, impact resistance, high and low temperature resistance and long service life. The weather resistance is extremely high, and it is not afraid of the sun, rain and humidity, the high temperature of cold and snow, and it will not deform or peel off in the harsh weather environment. There are no restrictions on weather, temperature, etc., and there will be no accumulation of water on the site after rain.