What are the indoor children's playground projects?


1. Children's Occupational Experience Hall
The Children's Career Experience Hall is a place where children and children learn about and come into contact with the real world by simulating and experiencing the professions and roles of adults.
Children can work hard in the Children's Career Experience Center, experience the practical significance of working to make money, spending money on consumption, etc., and can also feel all aspects of real life.
2. Magical Bubble Park
Magic Bubble Park will lead children into a fairy tale world full of fantasy through various colorful bubbles. Colorful bubbles are magically displayed in front of children and fully mobilize children's curiosity.
And through the happy playing process, children’s brains are effectively developed, so that children can not only find real happiness in the magic bubble park, but also allow them to develop their intelligence in the happiness.
3. Children's indoor expansion
Children's development training is designed according to children's characteristics, and through scientific three-dimensional combination, an amusement project integrating sports, expansion, entertainment and education is formed.
Children's indoor expansion training is mostly composed of traversing projects. It allows children to experience high-altitude climbing and feel the excitement of crossing obstacles by setting up and building various levels of different difficulty and super excitement in the vertical space, allowing children to experience the excitement of crossing obstacles. Learn, educate and have fun! At the same time, you can hone your will, challenge yourself, stimulate your potential, and enhance your self-confidence.