Reasonable Charges And Positioning


It is well known that operating an indoor children's playground is not as simple as imagining, and successful operations should consider many aspects. First of all, there must be a correct business philosophy, as an indoor children's paradise, we should stand in the perspective of children and parents to think about the problem, whether it meets the consumption requirements of the parents, whether they have enough attractive. The richness, safety, scientificity, etc. of the paradise may be the factors considered by parents. Similarly, it is also necessary to improve their own grades, good environment and quality services are the necessary factors for the successful operation. Hunan Goldman Sachs Amusement is to share the operation of the indoor children's paradise in detail from all angles:
Rational fees and positioning in indoor children's playground:Many venue operators will fall into a challenge: I'm afraid that no one is playing, and the charge is cheaper. It is understood that the child's children's paradise equipment charge standard has no unified reference price, and the local consumption level and the parents' attitude and investment are subject to specific accounting. During operation, there may be a so-called single ticket (playing one ticket), monthly, monthly, the year, etc., you can visit the market first.