Exquisite Service in The Indoor Children's Playground


Excellent service in the indoor children's playground. Personalized indoor children's playground will attract children, but also want to let parents will send their children to play.
Therefore, we must first do your physical health check before children's admission, the main project is test body temperature. This will make the parents feel safe, and it will feel that the health of the park is good.
Second, there is enough rest space to give your parents, and you can even consider resettle a computer desk and provide free WiFi Internet service. This is to have something to do with the children, and you will feel more human.
In addition, it is also possible to provide a repayment service, such as 1 to 2 kinds of teachers, parents can put their children in the indoor children's playground, accounting according to hours, and these teachers can also be free for children And parents provide parent-child guidance.