Children's Naughty Castle Planning Design


The planning and design of children's naughty castles is very important. This plan includes not only the installation of children's play projects, but also other supporting facilities in the park, such as vegetation, roads and other infrastructure, good planning will make people playing easily and comfortable, Thereby improving children's physical fitness brings happiness. So how do you plan?
Vegetation planting,

In planting design, it is important to think that plants is important landscape elements, but also to realize that plants have certain play value for children, and children prefer plants more than adults, not only is watching. Therefore, children's play equipment has certain particularities in the choice of plants, should be trembled as tremor, highly designed shade; small shrubs, use non-toxic types; lawn should choose to take a kind of tone. It is also possible to build some supporting fields based on vegetation. For example, in the middle of the tall trees, there is a hammock, swing, set a camping site on the lawn.