What are the facilities in the new child park naughty castle equipment?


In the new generation of children's naughty castle equipment, there is a play item (such as a trampoline, marine ball, aerial tube, wooden bridge, iron cable, and rainbow ladder, spiral slide, sliding tube, rainbow ladder , Rock climbing, sky, card, card gun, cannon, automatic gun, cartoon seizure, etc. "Bomb, or use" Carbun "to scan," rubber bow "surrender, or throw it with red hand.

At the bottom of the UFO, accept a bubble ball from the sky. All activities have a shock, full of stimulation and challenges. Electric Rotating Trojan, Happy Octopus, etc. Children's naughty castle equipment.
What are the advantages of equipment projects in children's naughty castle?
The Children's Paradise joining is a project that now investors are very keen. The hot scenes of the children's paradise in major shopping malls let many investors are very optimistic about their prospects for children's paradise. The two important points of the children's paradise are the selection and equipment selection. Today, I will talk about it, where is the equipment advantage of the children's paradise?

Naughty castle
Naughty castle can be said to be synonymous with the Children's Paradise, which is a comprehensive device that is combined with many single players, slides, marine balls, climbing walls, wooden bridges, trampolines, etc. The child can enjoy a variety of fun in the naughty castle, which can be freely in which the thrilling experience can be obtained. Naughty castle is generally 500 yuan to 800 yuan / square meters.

2. From the Lin Sik
It is a more novel device to meet the needs of public consumption upgrades. From Lin Siy is a new device that combines projection technology and induction technology. Through the real simulation of the projection technology, the player's hand holds the gun, relying on personal abilities, giving people a very real adventure experience.

3. Simulate driving school
The simulation driving school is a project that lets children simulate a variety of traffic scenarios, learn traffic knowledge in the process of playing. Kids can experience the role of drivers, traffic police, pedestrians, instil into people with various traffic for children in the subtlety, making their children have fun, letting children learn to learn knowledge, very popular with parents.

4. Zhi Yong Dago
Zhi Yong is consisting of a level of level. Each level tests the child's body coordination, ability to react, and want to customize, and need children's unremitting efforts. Brought a different experience to the child, during the play process, exercise their spirit, and let them get huge sense of accomplishment. The offer is around 600-900 yuan / square meter.