Orbit small train Indoor Playground Equipment inventory!


Speaking of Indoor Playground Equipment, everyone must think of a small rail train. It is an amusement device made by imitating imitation of regular trains. The locomotive drives the carriage in front. The small train can be seen in the square, playground, and parks. There are many styles of rail trains. Let's take a look at what style is popular.

The name of the undulating track of the small train is called based on its orbit. The ups and downs can allow the ride to experience the play experience of the mountains. Imagine that you travel through the hillside for a while, let alone how happy you are.

The antique rail train is developed by imitating the real train. The appearance of the train looks like a real train. Passengers ride on such a train, as if walking on decades ago, like crossing, making people feel very real.

The reason why the plastic rail train is called this name is because the train's carriages are plastic. Such train adults usually take fabrics. Because the train is plastic, the lights of this carriage are very beautiful. The colorful lights flashed, especially at night, it is even more gorgeous.

There is no train track without rail trains. Just like a car, there are tires that allow it to walk on the ground. The trackless train is generally placed in the scenic area for tourists to use. However, there will be a figure in many shopping malls and parks. The trackless small train can be viewed and riding, and the use is very large.

The elephant orbital small train looks like a few elephants to walk in line. The style of the carriage looks like an elephant. The real elephant nose and ears make people want to experience the ride as soon as they see it. There are many small animals on the top of the carriage, just like sitting on the back of the elephant.

The style of the marine rail trains is animals in the ocean. The front of the car is the style of dolphins. The style behind the carriage is hippocampus and dolphins. The overall color of the marine rail trains is blue, just like the color of the sea.

Space shuttle is also a kind of rail train, but its orbit is overhead. Take the mini shuttle to cross the mountain and cross the jungle. In addition, there are various small animals in the middle of the mini shuttle, let alone how fun it is to play.