What are the safe hidden marriages in the indoor children's paradise?


What are the safe hidden marriages in the indoor children's paradise? Whether it is access permit, health security, safety protection, accident identification and compensation standards, indoor children's paradise has become a "blind spot" of supervision. It is urgent to plug the "loopholes" of supervision and clarify the responsibility of supervision. To this end, the following three suggestions are put forward:

1、 Strictly implement the supervision responsibility of indoor children's park industry. It is suggested that the relevant departments of culture and broadcasting, commerce, market supervision, health and safety supervision should actively establish cross and linkage supervision to eliminate the dead corner and blind spot of supervision. First of all, we should strengthen the "source" management, who is in charge and who is responsible for issuing certificates; Secondly, we should implement the main responsibility, who is responsible for hosting, who is responsible for renting the venue; Moreover, the competent department or the Department responsible for safety supervision should strengthen the safety management of the design, production, sales, installation and operation of amusement facilities, strengthen the safety training of equipment operators, and work with certificates. The health supervision department shall issue corresponding specifications, clearly stipulate the sanitation, cleaning and disinfection of indoor children's amusement parks, and regularly detect the health status of children's playgrounds.

2、 Actively explore new means of industrial supervision of indoor children's paradise. In the case that the current system of laws and regulations is incomplete, relevant industry management departments should actively innovate supervision methods: first, carry out classified and hierarchical supervision. The business and market supervision departments should investigate the risk factors for the facilities, equipment, site and scale of indoor children's paradise, formulate classified and hierarchical supervision standards and issue targeted supervision measures according to the risk coefficient. At the same time, organize and carry out relevant accident emergency drills according to different types of indoor children's parks; Second, formulate operation and management standards. Relevant departments shall formulate and issue operation and management standards for indoor children's parks, and set safety requirements, warning signs, safety protection facilities and equipment for the places; Control of tourist flow and age limit; Make clear provisions on the allocation and qualification of safety management personnel, disinfection measures for children when entering and leaving the place, cleaning and disinfection system of amusement facilities and the need for parents to accompany and care.

3、 Strengthen safety education for operators of indoor children's parks. Strengthen the training of operators and safety managers of indoor children's parks on safety, health and first aid knowledge, explore the implementation of the "credit system", and it is required that only after a certain credit can they "work with a card". Strengthen publicity and vigorously publicize relevant laws and regulations to the operators of indoor children's parks to ensure that the operators consciously abide by the law. At the same time, operators are required to strengthen safety management and ensure service quality in the business process, so as to ensure that children can have a safe and assured amusement experience.