How to play trampoline?


Trampoline can promote the development of the nervous system. The tricks on various trampolines can gradually form and develop into differentiation, purposeful, and coordinated actions from the orderly movement, which is a good regulation of the nervous system. In addition, trampoline exercise can increase children's attention to learning. Whenever they participate in sports activities, the children's attention will be more concentrated when learning, and the academic performance will increase

The instructor and the child are sitting on the trampoline together, using the elasticity of the trampoline to shake up and down with the body as the support. For children who dare not go up, in order to reduce the fear of TA Jump, let the child lie down on the trampoline, stand and jump from the instructor, let the child bounce, experience the ups and downs of the trampoline, let the child lie on the trampoline, lift the head and neck, and raise the chest as much as possible. The feeling of promoting the body's muscle ontology is promoted, allowing children to jump freely on the trampoline, or hold the ball with both hands on the trampoline, or make a game with the instructor. Hanging a balloon above the trampoline, allowing the child to hit the target every time you jump up. You can also hang a Nets above the trampoline to let the child enter the net when jumping. This type of game can help the child in the air and feel inherently inherent in the correct vestibular consciousness. , Judging the visual space, can promote the coordination ability of the hands and eyes, let the two children face face, stand on the trampoline to jump together, or pull a small shout to jump together, so as to train the child's ability to coordinate the exercise with others. Look at the stability of vision.